West Alabama Multicultural Alliance Inc is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to acknowledge the richly diverse cultural heritage of people of color throughout West Alabama.
WAMA’s board engages in work that fosters historical awareness of ethnic heritage and supports music and the arts. WAMA exists to support the culturally rich and diverse community by ensuring all events are inclusive of the entire community.
Board Mission
Our Mission is to elevate the heritage of people of color and other underrepresented minority groups by presenting programs, which inspire positive values, develop strong role models, and support community service with a primary focus on the youth community.
Board Vision
Our Vision is to develop a community, where people of all ethnic backgrounds are celebrated and respected for their unique heritage and contributions made in the West Alabama area.
Board of Directors
Samyra C. Snoddy
Samyra Snoddy (President)
Vincent Brown
Carol Conner
Dennis Conner
Tempra Harris
Tempra Harris
Teresa Harris
Teresa Harris
Elijah Hood
LaJuan Hutchinson, PhD
Sonya Hutchinson, PhD
Amanda Jackson
Loretta Jones
Dwight Monroe
Jacqueline Pryor
Kevil Tice